The Siena Project Details

It began as a historical district in Manhattan where artists could live, work and bond. Today, it is a hip neighbourhood where the unconventional meet and come together. This spirit of creative diversity, freedom and convergence is captured in every Far East SOHO development.

Explore. Play. And expand your vision to the fullest. It’s your home. Gallery. Workplace. Your dream lab. It is anything and everything you want it to be.

SOHO is where you make the rules.

Openly expressive.
At first glace, The Siena’s series of open and sheltered cubic balconies lend it an ever-evolving appearance. Inspired by American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, each balcony is fitted with metal screens that slide open or shut to suit your mood and needs, further adding to the richly bronzed facade’s expressiveness. This fluid flexibility carries through on the inside, where free-flowing space invites you to decide exactly how you’d like to live, work and play.

Locale. Live. Work. Play. Explore.
An address that’s more than a number.
In the heart of District 10, The Siena’s screen facade slides open to admit a spectacular mix of lush greenery, quaint shophouses, country clubs and ultramodern amenities.

From patios that offer a place for sunshine and cool breeze to mingle, to a kitchen that spills into your favourite restaurant next door, you’ll find your home rich with the possibilities surrounding it.

One Home, Multiple Connections.
-One of the country’s most prestigious residential enclaves, located at Farrer Road.
-A few stops away from the Central Business District and Marina Bay area, via the upcoming Tan Kah Kee MRT Station of the Downtown Line.
-Four minutes away from the Pan Island Expressway by car
-In close proximity to Farrer Road MRT Station and Botanic Gardens MRT Station on the Circle Line.

Connectivity. Roam. Discover. Behold. Embrace.
Where the modern city embraces lush greenery.
Barely a stroll away from great escapes such as the Botanic Gardens and MacRitchie Reservoir-that is if you don’t get distracted by the charming cafes on Dempsey Hill along the way. Or with minimal motoring, by a round of golf at the country club.

At The Siena, the nature reserve is your garden, the corner cafe your reading room, the clubhouse your meeting space. And the home, your launch pad.

Flexible Spaces. Shift. Extrude. Design. Elevate.
Out-of-home experiences, at home.
If you’re not in the mood for the outdoors, roam within the grounds of The Siena, where four existing rain trees are conserved. Work off excess energy in the gym and indulge in a leisurely swim in the landscaped pool afterwards. Or head up to the rooftop for some rest and inspiration.

Up here, water lounge cabanas float over a reflection pool while cubic furniture, lights and decks break the day’s monotony.

Room to Soar
Ceilings that start at 3.35m high, for delightful possibilities within. And with multiple configurations from 54 units to choose from, your ideal home is simply waiting to meet your imagination.

While you enjoy the big picture, leave the little details to us. Like a fully equipped kitchen, and luxury fittings and fixtures by Miele, Fantini, Agape and Toto Neorest. All the comforts of modern living, built into your home.

The SOHO unit, ever ready for the spirited entrepreneur, has been carefully planned to seamlessly balance work and family. Its mezzanine platform can be easily converted into a bedroom, office or hobby room, allowing you to live, work or play as you wish.

The Suite is a home base where you can unwind and pamper yourself after a day well spent. With a choice of sliding doors or an open concept, it exudes a minimalist, yet innovative style for those who are always open to new perspectives.

Semi-White Plan
For even more flexibility, opt for a Semi-white Plan. Customise the layout of your home to match your lifestyle, or simply let it take the mould of your imagination. Dream it. Tweak it. Maximise its creative potential so you can truly live it.